Experienced and trained commercial divers offer practical solutions for underwater maintenance and modifications.

Muldoon Marine Services has extensive experience in nuclear, oil, gas and coal-fired plants, as well as hydroelectric facilities.

Our capabilities includes:
• Traveling screen inspection and repair
• Fore bay dewatering
• Underwater inspection and repairs to circulating water, service water, fire and pump systems
• Underwater inspection of piping systems
• Valve inspections and maintenance
• Head and sluice gate inspection & maintenance
• Underwater dredging of fore bays, wet wells, and other underwater locations
• Stoplog and bulkhead projects
• Cooling tower inspection & maintenance projects
• Detailed video inspection and repair
• Cleaning and repair of trash rack systems
• Internal pipe repairs
• Concrete inspection and repairs
• Oil skimming and removal
• Gate structure modifications
• Installation, repair, and rehab of float booms

Muldoon Marine Services, Inc. is a MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) pursuant to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) General Order 156.