Services SALVAGE

When faced with an emergency situation, whether to save property or prevent environmental threats, our team responds quickly and efficiently. We have the expertise and specialized equipment to minimize the impact.

Our services include:

• Heavy lifts
• Initial damage assessment
• Locate sunken equipment
• Drydock
• Anchor recovery


Other salvage work includes the 70-foot bait boat, Pamela Rose, that had gone aground near Newport Beach harbor.


Salvage work includes the 90' brigantine, Irving Johnson, that ran aground outside the Channel Islands Harbor. Muldoon Marine Services' salvage team inspected the ship for damage then rigged her at three points on the hull using 3200 feet of 8 inch towing line while laying in a tidal zone with breaking surf and shoaling bottom position. At high tide the tugs were able to tow her back out.


Pacific Bully aground near Huntington Beach.


Pacific Bully MMSI